Fanisa Wilson
BaliNewHome Legal Assistant

Fanisa Wilson was born on March 28, 1994. Who is the owner of Easy Access Indonesia and Fanisa Wilson Law Firm and Partners, Fanisa Wilson has some experience for instance:

  • take Law courses and get a Bachelor of Law (S.H) license during 2013-2022 period
  • participated in an internship while in college handling the Angeline murder case in 2015 with the famous Indonesian lawyer, Hotman Paris
  • won the persecution of women case at the court
  • won the Human Trafficking and other big cases, especially the illegal foreigner case
  • had been appointed as the division for women's empowerment and child protection in "Sahabat Polisi" organizationsecretary of the PSI political party in the West Denpasar region 2022-2025
  • will join the 2024 Indonesian general election campaign
  • focuses on the field of immigration law